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We enjoy changing the way businesses use technology. With cloud services, businesses are able to work, collaborate and operate anytime, using any device, in any location. And what’s more, it’s safe and scalable to do so.

We know from experience that cloud technology can transform any company into a truly modern place of work, if it’s done in the right way.

For lots of organisations, gone are the days when their employees are tied to a desk, only able to create, save and access their documents on one, single PC at a specific desk. Times have changed.

Most business people need to work on documents, using multiple devices, wherever and whenever they can get online. And what’s more, they need to make sure those documents synchronise in real time and are safely backed-up in a secure place. That’s essentially what Microsoft Office 365 does for you. And that’s the cloud solution we recommend, plan and deploy to our clients.

It offers the same familiar programmes we’ve all come to know and love over the years – like Word and Excel – but it facilitates remote working and collaboration across multiple sites and locations.

How? Well think of the cloud as a virtual place where you can access, store and share your business information. It means that not only is your data being robustly and securely stored on the cloud, you’re not limited by location for access to it. It makes your business flexible and well prepared from a continuity standpoint – providing peace of mind to your own customers.

Our expertise lies in working with all types of organisations, transforming them seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively to cloud based working – using Microsoft Office 365.

Companies recognise that such a transformation demands credible knowledge and experience – especially when you’re trying to integrate multiple cloud solutions with legacy infrastructure.

But fear not, we’re often the first port of call for businesses who want to enable their organisations with cloud technology. We work very closely with our clients and embark upon careful planning, analysis and implementation.

Many businesses come to us because they’re concerned that handing over their business information to a cloud poses security risks. Our job is to mitigate those risks and keep your data safe. We can provide the strongest SSL encryption via our partner Globalsign – as well as offering anti-virus solutions and advising and configuring firewall and secure VPN solutions.

From planning, deploying and monitoring your cloud migration, we make sure your cloud transformation delivers significant cost savings, as well as improved and efficient business processes along the way.

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