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We help you trade online

A quarter of the world’s online trade goes through the Magento ecommerce platform. With years of experience as Magento website designers and developers – we’re certified Magento magicians! And that magic turns into lots of lucrative online sales for our clients.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses set up successful and profitable online stores using the Magento platform. After all, it’s the only ecommerce platform used by the world’s leading brands – Harvey Nichols, Olympus, Samsung and Nike to name a few.

Purpose built for sellers who trade both nationally and globally, Magento is smart, scalable, secure and intuitive – used by 240,000 businesses across the world, supported by 800,000 developers.

It’s popular because it’s flexible, extendible and feature rich – allowing us to build and develop an online experience for your customers that is truly bespoke, reflecting your brand at every point in the customer sales journey.

We design brilliant web apps

From e-ticket apps to safety registration apps – for nearly two decades now, we’ve designed and developed innovative web applications that solve real problems for businesses in every sector.

That’s what web apps do for many organisations these days – they solve problems and make doing business with you much easier for your customers.

It’s not always enough to have a website that looks fantastic and reads perfectly. Web apps boost your brand, improve the service experience for your customers and give you that all important competitive edge.

We create web apps that we’re truly proud of. For example, we’ve designed applications that allow businesses to do almost anything – from showcasing work to clients and sharing information to closed user groups – to managing events and tracking cases.

And what makes us good at developing them – is our ability to be creative, combined with making sure logic is at the heart of what we do.

We create visitor attracting websites you can maintain

We build amazing business websites that you can easily update yourself using Content Management Systems (CMS), including WordPress and our very own bespoke MetaScale. So, as your business changes, your website can quickly reflect those changes too.

In our experience, that’s extremely important for many busy, business owners.

And we learnt that lesson early on, when we created our very first website for the organisers of the London International Jazz Festival – Serious Producers. They needed to easily update artist, venue and general event details on their website, so we made that happen for them.

We know you haven’t got time to faff about with complex, time consuming back-end systems when you need to make changes to your website. You don’t speak the language of HTML, CSS, PHP or MySQL – and nor should you!

That’s why we not only create websites that businesses love – but we also create websites that businesses love to update by themselves.

We facilitate modern ways of working

We enjoy changing the way businesses use technology. With cloud services, businesses are able to work, collaborate and operate anytime, using any device, in any location. And what’s more, it’s safe and scalable to do so.

We know from experience that cloud technology can transform any company into a truly modern place of work, if it’s done in the right way.

For lots of organisations, gone are the days when their employees are tied to a desk, only able to create, save and access their documents on one, single PC at a specific desk. Times have changed.

Most business people need to work on documents, using multiple devices, wherever and whenever they can get online. And what’s more, they need to make sure those documents synchronise in real time and are safely backed-up in a secure place. That’s essentially what Microsoft Office 365 does for you. And that’s the cloud solution we recommend, plan and deploy to our clients.

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