Essentially, we provide the logic to make online experiences work beautifully.

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Our Solutions

We help you sell online

A quarter of the world’s online trade goes through the Magento ecommerce platform. With years of experience as Magento website designers and developers – we can work our magic on your online store! And that magic turns into lots of lucrative online sales for our clients.


We create visitor attracting websites

We build amazing business websites you can easily update yourself using Content Management Systems (CMS), including WordPress and our very own bespoke MetaScale CMS. So, as your business changes, your website can quickly reflect those changes too.

We design brilliant web apps

From e-ticket apps to safety registration apps – for nearly two decades now, we’ve designed and developed innovative web applications that solve real problems for businesses in every sector.

We facilitate smart working

We enjoy changing the way businesses use technology. With cloud services, businesses are able to work, collaborate and operate anytime, using any device, in any location. And what’s more, it’s safe and scalable to do so.

Our Journey

In the year 2000, the dotcom bubble burst, but a new venture was born in the form of Essential Logic. Essentially, we provide the logic to make online experiences work beautifully for our clients. Hence our name.

And that’s been our motto throughout – because we know that to create powerful, device friendly, visitor attracting, sales generating websites – you’ve got to apply some seriously experienced logic. Naturally, that’s where we come in.

Based in Birmingham’s Custard Factory – among the biggest community of creative and digital organisations outside London – our small group of clever web developers set out to help businesses exploit the internet to the max.

Now, having been around for almost two decades, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes, from manufacturers and online retailers, to PR organisations and tool hire companies – providing their customers with brilliant online services that are fast, easy to use and personalised to their needs.

We build amazing websites using Content Management Systems like WordPress and our very own bespoke MetaScale. We develop highly successful online stores through the Magento platform. We design innovative web apps that solve real problems for businesses. And we’re happy to say, our client list is growing.

We know that lucrative websites and apps that delight customers at the front-end, only happen when they’re configured correctly at the back-end. And that’s where we help.

We’re proud of our technical wizardry and know from experience how it can transform the performance of any business. So, let us provide the logic to make your online experiences work beautifully.

Our Clients

Client Feedback

“A much clearer and easy to use site compared to the old site”

Customer feedback from clients of In-Situ Europe after we launched their new Magento website

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