Toyo Tires Europe GmbH

Global multi language website with bespoke Content Management System

Project Description

The Client – Toyo Tires Europe is a division of a global manufacturer called Toyo Tires with operations spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. Their core business is the manufacturing and selling of tyres for passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and construction vehicles.

In a nutshell – They needed us to overhaul their existing websites, serving multiple countries, in multiple languages. Toyo Tires has a long history of innovation, quality, performance and world class service so suffice to say, it had to be a series of amazing websites, consistent in design and content – that not only attracted visitors and facilitated a high volume of online traffic – but could easily and quickly be updated by Toyo Tires themselves.

Project Details

Client Toyo Tires Europe GmbH
Date Ongoing
Skills Web Design, PHP, Zend, CMS, Web applications

The Challenge

To enable Toyo Tires Europe to create centrally controlled online content, that could be distributed to each country in real time, and translated into 15 different languages.

We wanted to develop a solution that would support brand consistency – adhering to corporate guidelines – but at the same time, allow for some autonomy in the different countries.

And what’s more, the solution needed to be secure, robust and scalable.

The Deliverable

We designed a new look and feel across the board that was true to the brand, whichever country you were in – and of course, reflected the native tongue of the region.

The websites were developed to allow Toyo Tires to quickly upload and share content with ease. And what’s more, we created alerts to send to each country that signalled when new content needed to be added, helping them to keep everything current and consistent. In addition, we designed and implemented an intelligent web application to allow users to manually register vehicle tyres for safety purposes – in line with specific government regulations.

The Techie Bit – To facilitate the overall functionality of the websites we used a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) that we’d built ourselves called MetaScale CMS – developed using PHP and Zend Framework technologies along with extensive jQuery.

Web application development

The Partnership

As with all our clients, we worked hard to get under the skin of the business of Toyo Tires Europe, to make sure we were spot on with our delivery.

Typically, our style was consultative and flexible – talking and reviewing along the way, being constantly mindful to speak their language, not ours.

After nearly 10 years, we continue to enjoy an ongoing relationship with Toyo Tires Europe, continually evolving their online capability and functionality – including creating more business web applications, developing back office integration, and further roll-out into additional countries.

Another happy customer

Amongst other things, our work has bolstered Toyo Tires’ ability to rapidly share content, news, activities and events globally – from a central console.

This was a core component of their digital strategy – and we made that happen for them.

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