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MetaScale Content Management System (CMS)
Powerful & easy to use, it enables you to quickly publish content and manage your website.

Content Management

Content Management Systems or CMS are, simply put, a set of tools that allow you to control and manage your website.

We started delivering website content management systems (CMS) solutions way back in 2000 and we continue to develop our own feature rich content management system MetaScale CMS. Our primary goal is to make it easy to use enabling our clients to publish content quickly.

Why choose MetaScale CMS?

Some of the benefits of choosing a MetaScale solution are:

  • It empowers the customer to author and publish web standards compliant content ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Lowers the cost of ownership associated with running business websites that require frequent changes.
  • Modular by design enabling bespoke modules to be developed allowing the platform to integrate with any mainstream internal IT systems.
  • Highly scalable, It was designed from the ground up and built on industry proven PHP, Zend, and MySQL technologies.
  • Provides full support for multiple languages enabling deployment across multiple regions, enabling you to deliver a consistent brand across multiple websites around the world.
  • Supports de-centralised role based permissions allowing you to delegate publishing to multiple departments.
  • It is search engine "SEO" friendly providing access to search engine relevant Metadata fields.
  • Proven mature product with an ongoing commitment to development and support.

Real world solutions to solve real challenges

We developed a module for Toyo Tires Europe, seamlessly integrated with the MetaScale platform, that allows content to be translated into any language. This enables them to distribute complex technical tire data, including images and video content, throughout Europe, across multiple sites, in a fast consistent manner.

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