Our top Magento extensions

Whilst Magento is undoubtedly the most feature rich eCommerce platform on the market, there are a number of areas where its functionality is improved by the use of extensions.

Extensions are third party modules that extend the power of Magento. There are literally hundreds out there so we’ve summarised the ones that we’ve worked with and found to be useful. This is not an exhaustive list and we will add to it.

Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty

The standard layered navigation offered in Magento is probably going to be sufficient for stores with a small range of products with few attributes, but when you have products with a complex set of filters that an end user can apply to them whilst searching you’re going to need an extension like this.


  • Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Shop by Brands
  • Price filters & sliders
  • SEO friendly urls & navigation
  • Multiple and single attribute selection

Search Pro by Amasty

The standard search functionality within Magento is problematic. By default, the search uses an OR comparison to find what you’re after, so if you look for “web development books”, it will give you any product whose description contains “web”, “development”, or “books”. Since the order or relation of the words is not considered you will end up with mixed results.

Amasty’s extension addresses these issues with features such as:

  • Significantly increase relevance of search results
  • Specify search priority for attributes
  • Enable customers to easily find the necessary products
  • Choose the search type – ‘like’, ‘fulltext’ or ‘combined’
  • Highly-configurable autocomplete search

Landing Pages by Amasty

Good landing pages give you better sales conversion and pages with unique content, which improve your site rankings in search engines. This module lets you decide which content to display on the pages – selected products, banners, text info, CMS blocks. You can specify custom meta tags and short SEO url for each landing page.

Order Attributes by Amasty

Some times you need to collect additional information regarding an order. Amasty’s extension allows you to do this allowing you to add fields for business information, delivery date, marketing questions, etc. to checkout page

If you need to view the additional order attributes on the customer dashboard we have written an extension that lets you do exactly that!

Customer Attirbutes by Amasty

Customer Attributes Magento extension is a powerful tool to get the necessary data directly from your customers in an easy way. Place fields on registration page to know age, preferences and interests, receive documents and all other information you may need.

Mass Product Actions by Amasty

This is a great set of tools for efficient product management. Change prices in bulk, assign categories, relate products, and much more in just a few clicks. Product management becomes nice and easy with Mass Product Actions Magento extension!

Call for Price by Amasty

Take prices visibility over control. Manage your price blocks by hiding them from certain customer groups or replacing with appropriate content. Useful if you have complex products on your site that require configuration.

Advanced Permissions by Amasty

Assign permissions to users for editing products and categories, Magento store-views and websites. No mess when having a lot of users in your store – vendors, category managers, etc – let them see and edit certain categories and products.

Product Matrix by Webshopapps

Magento ‘out of the box’ doesn’t handle complex shipping requirements, but there are a number of very good extensions that supply this functionality if required. WebShopApps ‘Product Matrix’ is by far the best and we regularly install it for clients