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Delivering smart web development solutions that make a real impact to your business.

Web Development

What we do ...

We have been in the business of delivering smart, effective, web development solutions for over ten years to a diverse range of businesses within the UK and mainland Europe. We've helped our clients solve real world challenges by enabling them to streamline and automate their business processes and ideas. These include:

  • A media center for PR firm Kallaway that allows them to showcase their clients' work and events and share them with media outlets.
  • A web based survey creator application for The Sustainable Restaurant Association that allows them to create branded surveys with individual sections and a range of multiple choice questions.
  • An e-ticket system for Capital VIP that replaces the costly distribution of tickets with a self service option.
  • MetaScale Connect - a series of portals for clients to share information securely and selectively with partners, employees and suppliers.
  • A browser extension along with a vocabulary builder for an innovative development by MeSpeech to allow the severely disabled to use a computer to 'speak' their needs.
  • Automating a manual tyre safety registration system that conforms to specific government regulations in Germany for Toyo Tires Europe Gmbh.
  • An online management training questionnaire system with automated workflow and notifications for Maynard Leigh, a specialist in delivering high quality learning and development programmes.
  • Developing a multi agency consultation database for a local authority that underpinned a community engagement strategy.
  • Developing a Sales Reporting System using data from SAP.

We are comfortable working directly with you or part of a larger project team (including design agencies or software vendors) to incorporate approved corporate designs or integrate with existing backoffice systems.  Our flexibility helps ensure our solution will meet all of your the defined objectives.

From design concept to final release the project's progress can be tracked online via our online project management system and reviewed on our staging servers. This enables you to have an ongoing real time involvement in the project's progress.

How we do it ...

Our highly skilled and experienced web development team build solutions using the latest technologies including:

PHP, MySQL / SQL, Zend Framework, jQuery / JavaScript / AJAX
HTML/5, XHTML, CSS/3, Magento, XML, Flash / ActionScript

...backed by great communication and rock solid project mangement!

What we won’t do …

Is implement technology for technology's sake. Only after close consultation with you will we decide on the web development approach best suited to deliver tangible results in the most efficient and secure manner. By adopting this open approach it helps ensure the final application delivers high levels of usability, user experience and engagement.

We make products that meet client needs exactly.

Don’t just take our word for it ...

We believe our clients are our best advocates so please take at look at our Project Portfolio.